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Castor’s Trusted Concrete Supplier Since 1962

Since 1962, our family has been serving Castor and all of Eastern Alberta with quality ready mixed concrete. You can trust Filipenko Bros Construction Ltd. to accurately mix specialty concrete to your specifications.

As a member of Concrete Alberta, our concrete will always meet the National Building Code Standards and are designed to last. Our team has the skill and resources to provide strong concrete through safe measures .

Filipenko Bros Construction Ltd. is a concrete supplier of:

Sulfate resistant concrete

Grout mixtures to 35 MPA strength

Concrete blocks

concrete blocks by filipenko brothers

We provide concrete blocks in full and half sizes:

Full Block – 2.5ft x 2.5ft x 5ft weight – 4,000lbs

Half Block – 1.25ft x 1.25ft x 2.5ft weight – 2,000lbs

Our trucks:

Three that hold 5.5 metres

Three that hold 7 metres

Filipenko Bros Construction Ltd. can transform your residential home with a strong foundation, beautifully designed driveway or sturdy deck. Our team is fully trained and qualified to work with municipalities and general contractors to provide the concrete needed to build communities.

Before You Start a Concrete Project

Always consult with a qualified concrete contractor such as Filipenko Bros Construction Ltd. before starting any DIY or industrial project. As a homeowner, contractor or project manager, asking questions and comparing responses will ensure that you hire the concrete contractor that is right for you .

Our experienced team can help you understand if your concrete is load bearing and by how much. We understand what thickness and strength of concrete you need for any project, allowing a proper and lasting finish.

For more information or to request an estimate, contact our team of specialists in Castor .

Lay a Solid Foundation

We’ll deliver right to your driveway

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